Team Arrow Divided In A Preview of Next Month’s Episode

by Erik Amaya

Arrow has reached its mid-season finale and it looks like the team will remain divided despite the stunning news that Cayden James (Michael Emerson) has built a team of his own.

Kind of surprised Black Siren still has a seat at the table considering her actions in this week’s episode, but James’s coalition is pretty strong. Especially when you consider how fractured Team Arrow is at the moment. In fact, you have to wonder if the FBI investigation is part of James overall plan.
But what is that plan? It cannot be destroying Star City. Many have tried and it is still a stale plot. It must be a diversion for something else; just as disrupting Oliver’s life was a distraction for all of James’s moves so far. At least we finally know why Black Siren hit the Arrowcave at the start of the season. That camera — and the ease with which people get into the Arrowcave — suggests the team will have to abandon the place pretty soon. Well, once they decide how much of a team they really have.
Arrow returns January 18th on The CW.

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