UNBOXING Lootcrate: “Unite 2.0” Brings Us All Together

by Hannah Means Shannon

The November Lootcrate was themed “Unite 2.0 focusing on team-up situations in pop culture. Here’s our UNBOXING of the Lootcrate for November 2017 which just arrived:

Opening a Lootcrate and seeing both a t-shirt and a Funko Pop! right away meant, to me, that this was one of the higher quality boxes they’ve produced and reminded me of the earlier days of the subscription box where that was more the norm. While content has gotten increasingly inventive, and often quite ingenious, in recent years, those larger items tend to be few and far between.

While I’m not a huge fan of Overwatch, this is one good-looking exclusive Pop! I’ll be keeping her on my shelf a little longer than usual while I look for a home for her among my gaming compatriots.

The T-shirt is a strong one, too, with bright colors and a design that reminds me a little of an ugly-sweater pattern for the holiday season, though perhaps it’s meant to be more 8-bit in theme. Voltron for the win. This is a classic shirt that fans will enjoy.

A tiny Power Rangers collector’s box promised a figure of some variety.

Inside I found a Blue Ranger. Quite a winning figure and well-sculpted.

Never overlook the bits of cardboard and paper included in Lootcrates. This one gives you ten dollars of subscription fees to online animation platform VRV. If you were VRV-curious, this is your chance.

In keeping with the team up theme, we get a classic comic re-printed, the first appearance of Justice League of America, which ties in with the recent film release, of course. Lootcrate’s reprint of the first appearance of Superman last year was fun, so this is equally welcome.

The pin for “Unite 2.0” is a fun one, with plenty of energy and distinctiveness from previous pins.

There’s also a little incentive thrown into the box to gift subscriptions to friends or family with 10% off in the coming year.

Lastly, the Lootcrate Magazine will walk you through the meta-text on this month’s items and open up discussions in geek fandom. That’s always been a high-quality little mag, and worth collecting, too.

In conclusion, Lootcrate’s “Unite 2.0” is a strong box to near the end of the year with. Lootcrate has a lot of competition these days, but it’s still inexpensive compared to many subscription box services, so it has that niche.
They’ve made a concerted effort, it seems, in the last few months to really keep the quality high, and that shows in this box. If they keep this up, 2018 will be a solid year for the company.

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