Agent Turner Gets A Surprise Visit In A Preview Of Tonight’s The Gifted

by Erik Amaya

The Mutant Underground is ready to go to war in order to save everyone Sentinel Services rounded up in the botched mission last week. And while tensions ride high at the HQ between Lorna and Caitlin, Lauren, Andy, Dreamer and Blink linger in a mutant dampening prison. With few options remaining, Caitlin and Reed use one last gambit to prevent bloodshed: visiting Agent Turner at home.

Though there are only three episodes remaining after tonight’s show, this is still being treated as a fall finale. I wonder if that means we’ll finally learn why Dr. Campbell has been so interested in the Strucker children. Well, beyond their powers, anyway. I know I’ve made jokes about Fenris’s connection to Hydra, but maybe there’s something to it. Or, perhaps, Campbell’s been part of the Hellfire Club all along.
Also, there’s still that Empower Academy video from a few weeks back. It has to mean something, right?
The Gifted airs Mondays on FOX.

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