Becoming An Archetypal Hero Every Night – Lucy Dreaming By Max Bemis And Michael Dialynas From Boom

by Hannah Means Shannon

If you were a big fan of The Woods and wondering what Michael Dialynas would be getting up to now that the long-running series has wrapped, you have your answer. He’s embarking on an all-new series with Max Bemis at Boom! Studios.

New limited series Lucy Dreaming (presumably a play on “lucid dreaming”)is about “a young girl who goes to sleep every night and becomes the hero of all of her favorite stories, living out grand adventures and learning more about the reality she lives in than she could ever learn in her waking life”.

Some elements here might be familiar from the ground breaking “The Doll’s House” arc of Sandman, though that was a much darker take on the subject. Then there’s also the seminal film The NeverEnding Story, which features a character of a similar age-range. This story has YA appeal.

Bemis says:

I wanted to create a comic book I could give to my daughter when she’s old enough to read. Plus, as a kid, I remember enjoying Star Wars, The Goonies, and Indiana Jones—things that were larger-than-life adventures. I wanted to do something like that.

Lucy is described as “a grumpy, emotive, full-of-life, 13-year-old girl who keeps waking up in the shoes of various archetypal female heroes”. This includes “a space princess turned rebel leader”, a “reluctant heroine who becomes the symbolic motivation for an entire country”, and more. Readers aren’t initially going to understand why Lucy’s dreams seem to have “life and death” stakes, though, according to Bemis.

He says:

I don’t want to spoil why it happens. But I will say it’s a confusing time for Lucy. She’s on the cusp of young adulthood and doesn’t feel like she fits in. She looks down on the hypocrisy she sees surrounding her so she’s escaped into the world of fiction.

Boom! Studios published Bemis’ first original comics work, Polarity, in 2013, followed by Evil Empire and Oh, Killstrike. With artist Michael Dialynas, the publisher recently released the conclusion to his award-winning, long-running series, The Woods, with writer James Tynion IV.

Dialynas reflects on the transition:

After drawing a four-year long YA series on a murderous planet in a galaxy far far away, LUCY DREAMING seemed like a perfect opportunity to stretch my muscles on a fun story involving multiple universes and different genres. The fact that I’ll get to play around with a new style AND build up a few new worlds is very exciting for me!

Lucy Dreaming #1 will have a cover illustrated by Michael Dialynas. Print copies will be available for sale in March 2018 at local comic book shops

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