Supergirl Adds Krys Marshall As A Potential Ally

by Erik Amaya


Will lightning strike for this wild speculation?
TVLine reports that This is Us veteran Krys Marshall will recur in the latter half of Supergirl‘s third season. Marshall will play a character called Julia Freeman, a musician living on the outskirts of National City who “holds clues to Reign’s true identity.” An old friend of Sam’s (Odette Annable) perhaps? Or is there something more to it?
A cursory glance at the DC Comics wikis offer no marquee characters named Julia Freeman. But her last name definitely has a storied past as Freddy Freeman, Captain Marvel Jr. of the Shazam! comic books. This might be a stretch, but is it possible this Julia Freeman is some sort of Mary Marvel analogue? While TVLine’s report mentions her connection to Reign, it seems strange that the character will recur and, apparently, become an ally of Kara and Team Supergirl. Taking on the World Killer may need the strength only the Rock of Eternity can offer.
Or it could just be wishful thinking as elements of Captain Marvel’s history will soon rejoin the culture.
Freddy, in the form of actor Jack Dylan Grazer, will appear in the Shazam! feature film. Previously, this would mean associated characters would be unavailable to Warner Bros. Television and The CW. But considering Warner Bros’ apparent comfort in allowing two Deathstrokes to exist simultaneously in the film and television universe, perhaps they’re also willing to allow the Power of Shazam to cross those barriers as well.
Supergirl returns January 15th.

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