After An Emotional First Half, This Is Us Will Return Sooner Rather Than Later

by Christine Marie Attardo

Maybe you were worried you were going to have to wait months and months until NBC’s #1 Tear-jerker, This Is Us returned for the second half of season 2. Don’t fret! They’re coming back on January 9th, which is way sooner than I would have ever predicted. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are dominating awards season…

Pretty awesome, huh? I have to say…after the Big Three series of episodes in which each episode featured a deeper look at the siblings lives, I felt positive about it. Despite the fact that the characters continue to go through extreme hardship, the writers of this show continue to find ways to keep the content fresh and interesting. Yes, we are only two seasons in, but with a show like this I feel like it’s really easy to lose that initial shocking content that sucked your audience in.
That’s not the case with This Is Us. The surprises keep coming and the drama gets crazier. The question of when we will find out about Jack’s death is one that has kind of been answered. We know it’s going to happen this season. All roads are leading to that episode soon I think. Let the countdown begin. Who else will be binge-watching all of the episodes again before the show returns?

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