The Rules Of Cause And Effect Play Out In The Finale Of Genius: Cartel

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week the finale for the miniseries Genius: Cartel arrives from Top Cow in issue #5, in a story which features a female supergenius who has to decide whether to use her powers for the government or turn them to her own benefit as a criminal mastermind.
Written by Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman, with art by Rosi Kampe, colors by Brad Simpson, and letters by Troy Peteri, Cartel keeps you guessing about what main character, Destiny, really has in mind, since she keeps everyone around her in the dark, too.

In this finale issue of the arc, Destiny has completes the renegade mission left that was left to her by a dead classmate, but there’s more at stake. No one knows, not even the Madrasa Institute why she refuses to come in from the cold, or what her next move is. She’s a “finely tuned instrument of war” and it’s far from likely that Destiny will play by anyone’s rules.
Here’s an extensive preview of this week’s issue of Genius: Cartel:

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