Revenant Writer To Pen Quentin Taranatino’s Star Trek

by Erik Amaya


The absurdity of a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek feature film continues to become a firmer reality as the production has found its principal writer.
Deadline reports The Revenant‘s Mark L. Smith will draft the upcoming Star Trek film while Tarantino focuses on his ninth feature, a project based around the Manson Family murders of the 1970s. A compromise, no doubt, as the acclaimed writer/director of Jackie Brown and Kill Bill typically directs from his own scripts.
The site earlier revealed Tarantino’s intention to direct this Star Trek film with Star Trek (2009) director J.J. Abrams returning to produce. A notion which seems absurd despite the filmmaker’s various shout-outs to the franchise over the years. And considering Tarantino’s previously stated intention to make only ten films before retiring, it would seem the unnamed Star Trek feature would be his last.
Unless, of course, using a co-writer will be his out when he decides to do Kill Bill Vol. 3 or some other idea he cannot resist. Or, like Kevin Smith, reconsider the plan to retire entirely.
That’s even presuming he ends up directing the film, which lives on a studio timetable and not the looser schedule Tarantino prefers. That is to say, he makes a film and then his distributor finds a release date. In the world of tentpole filmmaking, it’s the other way around. He may eventually find the lack of freedom too confining and walk away. Maybe Paramount Pictures gets the better end of the deal as it still ends up with the Tarantino stamp upon it without actually having to deal with him.
As you can probably guess, I’m quite wary about Tarantino coming to Star Trek. I suppose the features could become a director’s showcase brand, but I’m not sure if he’s the right guy for it.
Nonetheless, another Star Trek film will arrive in the fullness of time.

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