The Doctor Who Regeneration Scene Already Online

by Erik Amaya

While the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time,” is still a few hours from debuting on BBC America on the East Coast — and another five hours away here in the Pacific Time Zone — it has already aired in the United Kingdom.
Consequently, the BBC has made the final scene, in which Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi regenerates into Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker, available online to stave off any anxious souls curious how it all turns out. It also appears to be a completely separate scene from the adventure the Capaldi Doctor undertakes with good friend Bill (Pearl Mackie) and his first incarnation (David Bradley). Which means you can watch the scene and still enjoy the special when it hits your time zone.
Or, because it is still technically a spoiler, you can wait just a little longer.

And while I might be tiring of the Doctor regenerating by herself, Capaldi’s final speech is genuinely tear-jerking. Then there’s that cliffhanger. You almost have to wonder if incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall will use the exile theme of the Jon Pertwee era. It would be an interesting change for the program. Or, maybe, the new form of the show will be something totally unexpected.
Doctor Who returns in 2018.

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