Confronting False Idols – God Complex #3 From Paul Jenkins, Bryan Lie & Hendry Prasetya

by Olly MacNamee

From writers Paul Jenkins, Bryan Lie and artist Hendry Prasetya comes the third issue of this sci-fi thriller that mixes the future with the mythology of the past. It’s out this Wednesday, the 27th of December from Top Cow at Image Comics with yet another awesome cover by Sami Basri that does a good job of standing out form the crowd with that same interesting design and layout that have been adorning all the covers so far.

Confronted on one side by revolutionaries and coerced into service by the Rulers on the other—Seneca walks the digital city of Delphi in search of clues. But when the leads dry up, he is forced into visiting the one place he had sworn he would never return to: the Church of the Trinity, the very place he is investigating. There is no one to trust. There is nowhere to escape. There is nothing for him but the upheaval of all he has ever known.

Here’s our preview of this week’s issue.

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