Brainiac 5 Makes His Debut When Supergirl Returns January 15th

by Erik Amaya


The CW superheroes begins to return on January 15th, starting with Supergirl and the debut of someone who could become very important to Kara (Melissa Benoist) going forward.
According to the episode description released by the network earlier today, Jesse Rath will finally appear as Brainiac 5, the 12th-Level Intelligence and distant descendant of Superman foe Brainiac. His mission: save Kara from the injuries sustained at the hands of Reign (Odette Annable). For her part, Kara will experience a “dreamlike state” and probably have a chat with those closest to her. Back in the real world, the DEO and the Legion will attempt to contain Reign as she continues to terrorize National City.
When Rath was first announced to play Brainiac 5, the character was described as a “half computer, half organic” person who takes a shine to Kara. Considering the two characters’ history in the pages of various Legion of Superheroes volumes, it totally makes sense that the two might follow in the steps of their comic book counterparts.
Well, once the Reign crisis is dealt with.
Supergirl returns January 15th on The CW.

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