Star Wars Franchise Now Worth 4 Billion, More Than Lucasfilm Cost Disney In 2012

by Hannah Means Shannon

According to The Hollywood Reporter today, the Star Wars franchise just passed a milestone in value–reaching beyond 4 billion dollars. That number is significant for many reasons, not least of which because it means Star Wars alone is now worth more than the price that Lucasfilm cost Disney when they acquired it in 2012.

This was spurred on by the rising sales numbers on tickets to The Last Jedi, of course, which is rounding the bases on 1 billion dollars at the moment. At the time, 4 billion seemed like a very optimistic amount to pay for the company, but no doubt Disney felt they could bring the value of Star Wars, particularly, up to this level, and they’ve now accomplished that.
As THR points out, this value does not account for the amount spent to produce and market the Disney Star Wars films, however, neither does it account for “other revenue streams” like merchandise and theme parks.
And, of course, there’s a great deal of future profit to be made, too, in the oncoming releases from the franchise.

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