Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz Discuss Star Trek: Discovery’s Culber and Stamets

by Erik Amaya

One of Star Trek: Discovery‘s best aspects is the relationship between irascible engineer Lt. Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and his life-partner Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz). The two grew to be one of the great couples in the annuls of Star Trek over the course of the series’ first nine episodes. In the following video, the actors discuss the love between the two characters and its importance in Star Trek history.

I genuinely didn’t think Stamets would turn out to be my favorite character on the show when it began in September, but by the fifth episode, his genuine love of space exploration, general lack of patience with everyone, and quick-witted retorts with Culber quickly vaulted him to the reason to watch. Hopefully, when the show returns next week, Stamets and Culber will continue to be a delight as the U.S.S Discovery makes its way back from where ever Stamets final jump took them.
Star Trek: Discovery returns January 7th.

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