A Manhunt Through Europe Begins in Chasing Hitler #2

by James Ferguson

Commandos Taylor and Walsh have made a startling discovery. Adolf Hitler is still alive. The only problem is no one believes them. They have to find a way to track down the Fuhrer before he can rise to power once again. Thus begins an elaborate manhunt through Europe to stop one of the greatest villains history has ever seen.

It’s hard to believe the resistance that comes from Taylor and Walsh’s statements in the present day. Looking at it through the eyes of soldiers that have been fighting a horrific war for a few years reframes things. They want this to end and to go home to their loved ones. If Hitler is still alive, then they’ll be forced to stay until he’s found. Yes, this is a bit of denial and a little selfish, but you can understand where they’re coming from. This makes the cover that Taylor and Walsh develop doubly interesting.
The two commandos are tasked with hunting down Nazi scientists before the Soviet Union can get their hands on them. The next war will be fought with science and they need as many bright minds as they can on their side. Hitler happens to think the same way so this creates a three-way battle of espionage as the United States, the USSR and the Fuhrer-in-hiding are all vying for the same thing.

Mixed emotions flow through Chasing Hitler #2. There are scenes of celebratory soldiers, happy to be on their way home, contrasted with the serious tone of Taylor and Walsh as they figure out their next steps. They’re the only ones that realize the danger they’re still facing. Their faces are hardened in resolve for what they must do.
Much of Chasing Hitler #2 is further setup. The first issue established the premise and this one details what the main characters are going to do about it. The characters are moving throughout the story like pieces on a chessboard. Artist Jethro Morales and colorist Marie Enger create the tone of a great spy thriller, especially with a scene that bounces between Taylor and Walsh and Hitler, each side working to win over Nazi scientists. It creates a nice juxtaposition as their interrogation styles are very different.
Chasing Hitler is a fast-paced tale of espionage in World War II that presents a terrifying alternate reality. From the looks of things, writers Jai and Hayley Nitz are just getting started. They’ve already crafted an unpredictable and compelling story so I’m excited to see where it goes next.
Chasing Hitler #2 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology.

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