New Black Lightning Promo Reveals Powers Run In The Family

by Erik Amaya

Black Lightning debuts in two weeks. But when it makes its premiere it will be different from its cousins on The CW in a very distinct way: it will not be an origin story.
Well, at least not for the title character. Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) is not only an established superhero, he’s also a retired one. Setting his powers aside to raise his daughters Jennifer and Anissa (China Anne McClain and Nafessa Williams), he is a principal at a charter school when we meet him. But his children are nearly grown and troubles in the city require the help of Black Lightning once more. And while the story will not recount how Pierce became Black Lightning, it will tell of how the powers come to his children, as seen in this new preview for the series.

Black Lighting debuts January 16th on The CW.

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