Werewolf Jug Vs. Werewolf Hunter Betty, Round 2 – An Early Look At Jughead: The Hunger #3

by Hannah Means Shannon

In this new ongoing series that takes the Archie horror universe in rather thrilling and unpredictable directions, Jughead is a werewolf fighting against his urges and tendencies and Betty Cooper descends from a line of werewolf hunters.
Issue #3 is going to bring us a big confrontation between “Werewolf Jug vs Werewolf Hunter Betty Round 2”. When they faced off previously, both walked away, but will they this time?
This fun and at times rather freaky series is written by Frank Tieri, drawn by Pat and Tim Kennedy, Joe Eisma, and Bob Smith, with colors by Matt Herms and letters by Jack Morelli.
Cover are by Adam Gorham and T. Rex.

The third issue of Jughead: The Hunger drops on January 24th, but we’ve got an early preview from Archie to reveal right here:

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