A Seedy, Sexy Seventies Thriller: Preview Normandy Gold From Titan Comics

by Olly MacNamee

From the trailer, this looks like my kinda crime comic. The seventies gave us so many great hard crime films and conspiracy thrillers, all set in a dirty world of crooked cops, bent politicians (aren’t they all?) prostitution, and demon drugs. And it would seem, from the trailer below, that best-selling crime authors Alison Gaylin (What Remains Of Me) and Megan Abbott (You Will Know) Me) have successfully captured the look and the feel of this era, thanks in no small part to artists Steve Scott (Batman, X-Men Forever), wrapped up in a stylish cover by Fay Dalton (2000 AD). It’s a book that makes up part of Titan’s new Hard Case Crime comics imprint and it looks absolutely stunning.

When her younger sister is found at the center of a brutal murder investigation, tough-as-nails Sheriff Normandy Gold is forced to dive headfirst into the seedy world of 1970s prostitution and soon discovers a twisted conspiracy leading right to the White House. Sex, violence and corruption collide in this gritty vigilante thriller!

Here’s a look at what’s in store this April when it hits shelves.

Normandy Gold TP is out April 2018 from Titan Comics.

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