Superman #38 Is A Truly Epic Superhero Comic

by James Ferguson

Tim Drake from an alternate future has come back to the present day in this world to stop Superboy before he inadvertently blows up Metropolis, killing millions. Clad in a new identity as Savior, he’s rushing to put down Superman’s son before he’s pulled back into the timestream. Meanwhile, the Titans of Tomorrow are hoping to stop him before it’s too late. Everything and everyone comes together in Superman #38, part four in the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” crossover.

What struck me immediately with this issue was Sergio Davila’s artwork. He is a perfect choice for these characters, particularly Jon and Damian. Davila nails the right look and feel of the Super Sons. They’re young, confident, and super-powered, which makes for a powerful combination. Plus, the personalities of both characters are on display including Damian’s signature scowl and Jon’s naivete.
Contrast this with an overpowered Superboy later on in the issue. He sees his father sealed in a Red Kryptonite cell and loses it. Energy swirls around him, giving him the appearance of a Dragon Ball Z character. This is what Tim traveled through time to prevent. Superboy cannot yet control this massive power, so he’s a danger to everyone around him. This is an Akira-like moment near the Fortress of Solitude as Superman, the Teen Titans, and the Titans of Tomorrow work together to bring Jon down before it’s too late.

The inclusion of the Titans of Tomorrow has me very excited. I hope Conner, Cassie, and Bart stick around. I would have preferred their younger versions, but I’ll take what I can get considering these three characters have been absent from DC Comics since Rebirth began. They can make for an interesting dynamic in their adult forms though, especially Conner and Bart. Here you have a version of Superman that Jon can look to as a brother, not as a father figure. The same could be said for Wally and Bart. The Titans of Tomorrow grew up in the super hero life so they could mentor the Teen Titans in a way the Justice League cannot.
I’m curious to see how the group has changed since we first saw them where they were more menacing, although not quite evil. It seems they’ve been chasing after Tim for a bit as the Batman of Tomorrow has gone off the rails in an attempt to save everything. These three appear more noble and heroic, living up to the titles they now hold.

Their appearance also raises some questions about the multiverse and if the pre-Flashpoint timeline still exists somewhere. Conner says that he knows Jon and he’s failed him once, so there’s at least some form of a connection. Are they really from this future? If so, where are they in the present? I’m pumped to find out.
Superman #38 is a truly epic super hero comic. This is the kind of stuff you want and expect from the genre. The action is larger than life. The characters are all working together for a common goal of saving the world and time itself. I started out a little iffy on “Super Sons of Tomorrow” but I am very pleased with where the crossover has ended up. Our next stop is Super Sons #12 which looks to wrap up the storyline. Writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have done some great work here.
Superman #38 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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