The Dark Judges Finally Invade The Dredd Film Universe In Judge Dredd Magazine #392

by Olly MacNamee

With the forthcoming Judge Dredd small-screen series previously announced, it would seem to make sense to wind down the comic strip that has focused on the 2012 Alex Garland penned film, and what a way to bow out, with the final story featuring the Dark Judges as they break through into this far more street-level, grim and gritty version of Dredd. It’s a fitting end to this long running series, given this is what the fans have always wanted. Well, now you’ve got it.
Written by Arthur Wyatt and Alex De Campi with fan favourite Henry Flint on art, Dead World launches in this January’s issue of the Judge Dredd Magazine #392, alongside other stories from Dan Abnett (writer) and Phil Winslade (artist), with Lawless: Breaking Bedrock and Cursed Earth Koburn from writer Rory McConville and quintessential Dredd artist, Carlos Ezquerra, to name but two of the 5 strips on offer in this ever popular anthology.
Judge Dredd Magazine #392 is out January 17th in the UK, but a month later in the States I’m afraid. Although, you could easily pick up a digital copy when it drops over here in Good Ol’ Blighty.

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