Vin Diesel Reportedly In Talks To Play Big Screen Bloodshot

by Erik Amaya


The Valiant Comics heroes are trying their best to get onto the big screen and they may have found the person to get them there: The Fast and the Furious‘s Vin Diesel.
According to The Wrap, Diesel is in talks to play Bloodshot in a feature film of the same name. The project will be part of Sony and Valiant’s five-picture deal with Neal Moritz producing and Dave Wilson set to direct from a script by Arrival‘s Eric Heisserer.
Created by created by Kevin VanHook and Yvel Guichet, the character first appeared 1992’s in Rai #0. He was a conscripted soldier with nanite-generated regenerative and morphing abilities whose memory was erased a number of times. Freed from his superiors, he began a quest to learn the truth about himself. Though the Valiant Universe has been rebooted several times and the particulars of Bloodshot’s story changed, the basic premise has remained in tact. Presumably, it will also be the basis of the film, with Diesel becoming Angelo Mortalli, a former — or rising — mobster subjected to the nanite treatment and forced into wetwork.
The film will not be Bloodshot’s first live action appearance, though. The character will be part of the upcoming Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe digital series in the form of Power Rangers‘ Jason David Frank. That series is expected to debut sometime in 2018.
The Bloodshot feature film is planned for a 2019 release.

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