Krypton Trailer Sets Up More Than Planet’s Fate

by Erik Amaya

Syfy has released a new trailer for the upcoming series Krypton.
Set two generations before the destruction of Superman’s homeworld, the series stars Cameron Cuffe as Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather, who faces an uphill battle to restore the disgraced House of El and calm unrest across the planet. But as the trailer reveals, there are more threats to Krypton that its current political troubles and eventual destruction. Thanks to Adam Strange (Shaun Sipos), Seg is aware of a menace from the future which hopes to snuff out the House of El and the world it resides on before it can birth Superman.

Is that future threat Brainiac (Blake Ritson)? It would make sense in context of the series and in light of DC Comics history. But for me, the best part here is seeing the S-Shield on the back of capes again. Once a fixture of Superman’s design and live action costumes, the logo was removed first on Superman: The Animated Series and in featured films beginning with Superman Returns because the shield was difficult to animate on the moving cape effect. But since Krypton takes place long before anyone can fly, the capes will never have to be rendered as a special effect.
Hopefully the rest of the series is a thoughtful about the lore of Superman.
Krypton debuts March on Syfy.

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