Welcome To Heck – Rocko’s Modern Life #2 Is Crazy Fun

by Hannah Means Shannon

Rocko’s Modern Life arrives for its second issue in the series this week from KaBoom!, an imprint of Boom! Studios. Like the animated show it draws from, this comic is wild and crazy fun. Written by Ryan Ferrier and David DeGrand, and drawn by Ian McGinty and DeGrand, with covers by Jorge Monlongo and Miguel Mercado, issue #2 follows Rocko as he starts his new job.
It’s a little infernal, though, and he’s determined to get fired! In a back up story by DeGrand, you’ll also find Rocko and Heffer attending a comic convention.

Here’s a peek at just why this series is so entertaining:

Rocko’s Modern Life #2 arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018.

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