Listen To My Art Podcast Ep 5: The Spider King’s Simone D’Armini

by Tito W. James

On this episode of Listen To My Art I chatted with Simone D’Armini artist on The Spider King from IDW. 
Take a listen…

And if you want more action comics featuring Vikings be sure to check out our last episode with Andrew MacLean.
Simone’s concept art from World War Toons:

Here’s some preview art for Simone’s new project about a sphinx.

We talked about a ton of different artists. Here are some links if you’re curious.
Edmund Dulac 
Arthur Rackham
Hieronymus Bosch
Lake Of Fire
 Festival D’Angouleme
Topolino Comics
Stuart Immonen
Mark Bagley
Hugo Pratt-Corto Maltese
Jason Latour
Jake Wyatt
James Harren
Claire Wendling

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