Skeets Drops Some Knowledge On Superman In Action Comics #995

by James Ferguson

After nearly interfering with the destruction of Krypton, Superman and Booster Gold find themselves back on Earth, but in the future. They’ve found themselves in Booster’s present, specifically just after he stole some stuff and took off into the past, so he’s a wanted criminal. To make matters worse, they were followed by an Eradicator robot. See, this is why you don’t mess with time.

Although I still have issues with artists changing up in the middle of a storyline, Brett Booth is a welcome addition to Action Comics. I loved his work on Titans and he brings the same kind of exciting, dynamic artwork to this book. The action scenes are structured with unique panel layouts that make them feel larger than life. It’s fitting considering you’ve got Superman throwing punches against a big robot.
The level of detail is off the charts. You can see each individual line in the Eradicator’s frame, not to mention all of the hairs on Superman’s head. Booth has a great talent for facial expressions too, adding some additional fun to the fight scenes. The characters may be under duress, but they’re in their element.

This is going to sound odd, but the real standout in Action Comics #995 is a scene between Superman and Booster’s robotic companion, Skeets. This occurs after Booster is picked up by the police and thrown in jail. The Man of Steel sees this as pretty cut and dry.  Despite his good intentions, Booster broke the law and must pay for his crimes. Skeets shows the flaw in this logic and points out that the world isn’t always black-and-white.  Booster lives in the greys.
Superman presents the ideal scenario for someone in his position. He lost his parents as a child and was raised by two of the best people on the planet Earth. Not everyone is that lucky. Think of what his life would have been like if he had Booster’s dad for a role model.  He would have come out a very different person and maybe not even a hero.

This is an incredibly well-written scene from Dan Jurgens and it does justice to both characters. Superman is not painted as a strict, rule-enforcing jerk. He’s noble and understanding. Plus, Booster gets some well-deserved respect.
Just in case you needed a reminder of what kind of jerk Booster’s father is, we see it first hand as he’s his cellmate in prison. Superman comes to the rescue in one of the coolest scenes in recent memory, putting down this horrible person with just a flick of his finger.

As a long time Booster Gold fan, I am loving this story arc in Action Comics. We still don’t have the answers regarding Mr. Oz / Jor-El that started this whole mess, but the ride has been fantastic so far. The issue leaves off with a great cliffhanger promising even more excitement as the series builds to a monumental 1,000th issue.
Action Comics #995 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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