The Archies Rock With The Monkees This Week In Issue #4

by Hannah Means Shannon

In Archie Comics’ new ongoing series that’s music-driven and features real-world musical guests, the gang from Riverdale are in a band called The Archies, and this week with issue #4, they’re meeting The Monkees.
While on their first ever tour as a band, and coming off the high of meeting CHVRCHES last issue, they find themselves through “an unexpected turn of events” meeting The Monkees in the “swingin’ sixties”.

Written by Alex Segura and Matt Rosenberg, and drawn by Joe Eisma, with colors by Matt Herms and letters by Jack Morelli, the series is a charming and often fairly realistic exploration of band dynamics, now enlivened by super cool guest stars.
Covers this issue are by Greg Smallwood, Michael Allred and Laura Martin, Joe Eisma, and Tyler Boss.

Archie Comics have also released this rather extensive preview of The Archies #4:

The Archies #4 arrived in shops on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 and is currently available!

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