X-Men Spinoffs Shift Release Dates As Gambit Look For A New Director

by Erik Amaya


In light of word that former Gambit director Gore Verbinski has left the film, 20th Century Fox announced a number of release date changes for its upcoming X-Men spinoffs.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Deadpool 2 will now open two weeks earlier on May 18th; no doubt delighting fans of the anarchic assassin. It also joins Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story as part of the May releases.
Gambit, meanwhile, will move from its Valentine’s Day 2019 release to June 7th. Well, at least that’s the plan for the moment. The project inability to hold onto a director may see it shift along the schedule again.
But perhaps most surprising, New Mutants is getting pushed back ten months. Originally set for April 13th of this year, the film will debut February 22nd 2019. According to THR’s report, the move is being made to get New Mutants out of a crowded and overlapping schedule. It also guarantees at least one more X-Men project on the schedule before the studios hands the X-Men property to Disney in 2020. Of course, a ten month delay could suggest a loss of confidence in the film, but its tough to call as the studio faces a hard deadline on its X-Men plans.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix is not effected by the changes and will still come out on November 2nd.

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