Joseph Michael Linsner Kickstarts A 30th Anniversary Dawn Statue With Dynamite (UPDATE)

by Hannah Means Shannon

Joseph Michael Linsner is teaming up with Dynamite Entertainment to develop a 30th Anniversary statue of his character Dawn via Rvckvs International.
The project is heading to Kickstarter for a limited edition statue of Dawn, “the Goddess of Rebirth”, an independent comic character created by Linsner in the late 1980s.

Dynamite Entertainment CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci says:

We’ve been working with Joe for over 20 years, and our close relationship has led to some great collaborations. Being able to work closely with Joe to create this statue in advance of Dawn’s 30th anniversary was an exciting idea for me, and we’re thrilled about the results. Our designer, Georg Brewer, continues to impress us with the work he does, and he continues to bring our work to the next level. We have no doubt Dawn fans will agree when they see it for themselves.

Linsner comments:

I’m very excited about Dynamite’s new Dawn statue. Dawn has many different looks, but this may be her most popular outfit. I think it is the one which I have seen cosplayed the most.

Rvckvs International is the company behind the Women of Dynamite Statue series and backers of Dynamite’s Dawn statue can choose from rewards including the complete Dawn Vampirella comic collection, the upcoming 2018 Dawn Sketchbook featuring the work of Joseph Michael Linsner, a limited-edition print signed by Linsner, and even a special “Black and White” variant of the statue.

Find out more about this campaign, which is currently live, right here. The campaign will run until January 25th, 2018.
UPDATE: The initial Kickstarter campaign reached its goal in just 6 hours, and moved immediately into its first stretch goal, offering a “Costume” variant of the statue.
You can see that variant below!

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