Draw Your Take On Hermes In Olympians Art Contest Hosted By George O’Connor

by Hannah Means Shannon
Writer and artist George O’Connor is running a special contest for his character Hermes from the graphic novel series The Olympians from First Second.

Though O’Connor has drawn dozens of gods, goddesses, and other creatures in his Olympians graphic novel series, Hermes has always had part of his face shielded from view as the “god of lies”. Now in the upcoming book, Hermes: Tales of the Trickster, where he plays the title characters, his face is going to be revealed.

But before it is, O’Connor has created a template for artists to draw in their take on what Hermes really looks like. It’s called the #hermesartcontest on Twitter.
To get the template and take part, head over to www.georgeoconnorbooks.com for your chance to win signed Hermes proof and drawing from O’Connor.

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