Boom! Studios To Publish ‘How To’ Guide To ‘Six Figure Crowd Funding’

by Hannah Means Shannon

In what is a pretty unique development on their publishing line, Boom! Studios have announced that they’ll be publishing a book that acts as a “how to” guide to crowdfunding called Six Figure Crowdfunding: Why Strangers On The Internet Want To Give You $100,000.
 When you see who’s on the creative team of the book, things begin to make a little more sense, too. The how-to guide has been created by bestselling Kickstarter campaign manager Derek Miller (Cyanide & Happiness) and co-writer Noelle Pugh (Joking Hazard), and has a comedic slant.

The book features “laugh-out-loud illustrations” by cartoonist Joy Ho. Boom cites this as the “ultimate handbook that delivers everything you need to know about being a modern entrepreneur in today’s global marketplace”.
Derek Miller explains:

Most crowdfunding advice is either too basic to be useful or completely wrong. Trust me, I’ve read and taken all the courses so you don’t have to. SIX FIGURE CROWDFUNDING is the no-BS distilled version of advice used from actual creators who have raised at least six-, if not seven-, figures on crowdfunding. This isn’t theoretical or fluff, it’s the exact campaign tactics that have raised over $30 million on Kickstarter, directly from the creators who did the work themselves. Follow this book and you’ll get funded.

Joy Ho reflects:

After reading SIX FIGURE CROWDFUNDING to the end, I was stoked to see that someone had made this beast of an endeavor so clear and fun to understand. As a creative, I have friends who’ve embarked on campaigns themselves, and it’s almost a given that I’ll have to engage in one in the future. While the book is a digestible read, it doesn’t compromise on the information that you need to know. And if you don’t think you might engage in Kickstarter anytime soon, it is still an advantageous read for working out what your audience wants, and what the process is for finding support for your work in the real world.

Some of the pros involved in the book and campaigns cited include Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 ($241,071) from Michael E. Peter, James Ashby, Tim Ciancio, Michael Rousselet; Augie and the Green Knight ($384,410) from Zach Weiner; OrganATTACK! ($526,274) from Nick Seluk; Superbook ($2,952,508) from Andrew Jiang; G-RO ($3,307,773) from Netta Shalgi; Pillars of Eternity ($3,986,929) from Feargus Uruqhart; and Bones I-IV ($12,380,214) from Ed Pugh.
Bryce Carlson, Managing Editor at Boom! Studios, discusses the publisher’s decision to release this book:

SIX FIGURE CROWDFUNDING is unlike anything BOOM! Studios has ever published. This is truly a modern business book for the modern entrepreneur, packed with hard and honest truths about crowdfunding that you won’t get from other authors in the space. Derek and Noelle are here to finally give an authentic voice to this growing DIY creative community. Coupled with the cavalcade of crowdfunding stars featured in this book, readers are going to get a real look into campaign successes—and failures—all straight from people who’ve lived it. If you’re serious about pursuing artistic freedom and earning that sweet, sweet crowdfunding cash, look no further.

Six Figure Crowdfunding will be available for sale in July 2018 at bookstores (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million) and local comic book shops, as well as on digital platforms.

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