Hello, Covcon: Coventry Comic Con Has Name Change And New Look

by Olly MacNamee

I’ll admit straight off the bat that I have more than a passing interest in this particular local con, as I have been given the task of organising the comic book creators for this year’s show, thanks to being introduced to organiser Jeff Cummings through a mutual friend. But then, it is partly my aim to remind readers that not all things revolve around London only. Indeed, Thought Bubble and the like would suggest that the better comic cons are situated further North than the capital.
A mini London Film and Comic Con, if you will, but set against the backdrop of Britain’s soon-to-be City of Culture for 2021, I think that there was a realisation that with its mix of film and TV guest, cosplayers and comic book artists, writers and novelists (often with links to the world of comics), it needed a name that reflected this mix, rather than fob itself off as a pure con focusing exclusively on comics and comic book creators as some of the bigger branded corporate shows do.
However, it is a con on the rise (but, I suppose I would say that, right?) and there are lots of other cons in the Midlands, and therefore not all in London I’m please to report, that do focus primarily on comic book folk. Hopefully, that means there is something for everyone, and room for all. Especially if each one offered a different line up, or a different take on the traditional con.
But, with the likes of Mike Carey (The Girl With All The Gifts, Barbarella) and Paul McCaffrey (Anno Dracula 1895: Seven Days In Mayhem) already announced, it’s already shaping up to be a show that, though including media guests, does aim to include all the family and maybe, just maybe, have them discover comics too. It’s certainly my plan anyway. A bit of carefully thought out synergy can be good for everyone!
The new look logo is courtesy of Doctor Who cover artist extraordinaire, Simon Myers, a locally based artists and therefore a great choices (and no-brainer when you see his work) for the redesign. Oh, and he’ll also be a guest of the show too. He’s not been announced, so I suppose that’s an exclusive for ya!
As for the elephant? I am reliably informed that the elephant is an animal closely associated with this city, bombed during the WWII, with over 300 to be found across its urban sprawl. And, while it has had its knockers, Coventry is a city that has a lot to boast about now, this con being just one of the many arts and cultural events that take place there each and every year.

Simon Myers, homaging the classic Beatles LP cover for Doctor Who

The name was finally decided upon over the weekend, with a social media poll,  and so see this little article as a public service broadcast to prevent any confusion.
Covcon is on September 15th, but you can keep up with announcements and buy tickets here.
And, with the comic con season soon to start here in the UK (and the US), expect more info on shows from around the UK as I hear about them.

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