Keeping It In The Family: Assassinistas #2 From Howard, Hernandez, Davis & Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

Back with a second issue this Wednesday, the 17th of January is Tini Howard (writer), Gilbert Hernandez (artist) and Rob Davis’s (colourist) Assassinistas  from Black Crown. Before picking up the latest issue, you can catch up with our review of issue one here.

“Pregnant Pauses and Campout Makeouts” Dominic Price is a college-age cutie pie who just wants to spend the semester making out with his boyfriend, Taylor, in between rounds of TurboLight Fighter and maintaining a solidly passable 3.2 GPA. His mom, Octavia, formerly a badass action-movie-quality bounty hunter, didn’t pay his tuition, because she had to get back in the business and spend 40K on black market weapons and body armor And she’s bringing Dominic with her, because the alternative is making lattes for a semester, and he’d rather die. Good thing in mom’s line of work, dying is an option!

Still want convincing? Take a butchers at these preview pages to help you decide:

Assassinistas #2 is out Wednesday, the 17th of January, 2018 from Black Crown/IDW.

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