“I’ve Walked With You Once Upon A Dream”: Maleficent 2 Begins Filming In April

by Christine Marie Attardo

Some very exciting news has been coming from Disney lately, and that includes a confirmed filming date for the sequel to MaleficentThe film will once again star Angelina Jolie, who did a fantastic job with the villain in the first film. If you’ve been lucky enough to see Wicked on Broadway, you’d be familiar with the storytelling technique of showing the villain’s side of things in a beloved story.
Maleficent was much like that and in fact, that’s what made it so brilliant. Personally, I always found Maleficent’s character to be way more intriguing than Princess Aurora, but the film shed a new light on the entire Sleeping Beauty feel.

MyDisneyDorks shared:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales director, Joachim Rønning, is helming the film, but that’s not the only change in production staff. The follow-up script was first penned by Linda Woolverton, who wrote the first film, but it was rewritten by Jez Butterworth who was brought on last summer.

I look forward to seeing what the film will entail. Things did end on a neat, happy note in the first film. I wonder if something terrible will befall Aurora and leave Maleficent to be the hero? Time will tell!
Filming for Maleficent 2 will begin mid-April this year. Fingers crossed for some early screen shots of the set.

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