The Gods Of Egypt Must Be Crazy In Pantheon By Hamish Steele

by Tito W. James

In Pantheon: The True Story of the Egyptian Deities, Hamish Steele explores the raunchy aspects of Egyptian mythology you never learned about in high school.
Steele’s art style blends Scott Pilgrim with hieroglyphics. The characters are incredibly expressive despite their simple shape language and eternal profile perspective.

The humor comes from the characters playing through their myths with the casual tone of a sit-com. Cutting your brother into forty-two pieces and scattering him across the desert is just another Tuesday if you’re Set.

Even with the overall humorous tone, Steele poses interesting questions about why we worship gods even if they’re incestuous, wrathful, backstabbing bastards.
Pantheon is an excellent concept with rock-solid execution. I hope that Steele does a rendition of the Monkey King next.
Pantheon is published by Nobrow.

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