5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 15: “The Diamond Mage”

by Sage Ashford

The Black Bulls and Golden Dawn guilds team up to explore a dungeon!  Can they reach the treasure before the Clover Kingdom’s enemies in the Diamond Kingdom do? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. With the arrival of Golden Dawn, this is the first time we get to see Noelle interact not only with other nobles, but one from within her own family: Mimosa Vermillion, youngest of the Vermillions. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because the Vermillion family is deeply embedded into the upper social strata of Clover Kingdom society, and we’ve already met one of them: Fuegoleon Vermillion, the head of the Crimson Lion magic guild. That means alongside their cousins in the Silvas, a single family has control over two of the eight magic guilds that help run Clover Kingdom, so this runs pretty similar to how things tend to be with real life nobility. It’s this kind of dominance that leads to the royal/commoner stratification that’s been so common in Black Clover up to this point.

At any rate, the anime actually helped me clarify some things here. In the manga I just assumed Mimosa was a total jerk to her cousin Noelle, even though she’s a really sweet girl most of the time. Both in the anime and the manga she talks about how Noelle can’t control her magic and how she’s in a barbaric guild like the Black Bulls, but the way it’s being performed here makes me believe that Mimosa doesn’t realize just how she comes off and is actually oblivious.

Anyway, after a bit of discussion between the two characters we learn that both Golden Dawn and the Black Bulls have been assigned to explore this dungeon together. There’s a neat bit of continuity here where Mimosa references that they gained a Gold Star on their first mission together, which ties into the filler we saw two episodes ago. I’m not mad at that, because it gives the filler a purpose instead of being some trying mission the protagonists deal with and then we don’t hear about it ever again.

2. Back in the court of the Wizard King, there’s some discussion on the relationship the Clover Kingdom has with their neighboring countries.  Surrounded by other kingdoms with playing card-related names, it appears there’s a bit of strife between them all. Seemingly, the world outside of Clover Kingdom is fairly bad off, as the Diamond Kingdom is running low on supplies and thus has started poking into the land around theirs with the intention of attaining their resources. That’s going to become a bigger issue as time goes on, but for now..

3. After a brief argument between Asta and Klaus, Golden Dawn rushes off to try and find the location of the treasure. Mimosa shows off a cool-looking plant-based spell that gives her an instant map of the entire dungeon, and using that they’re able to reach the end fairly quickly…but unfortunately, a mysterious member of the Diamond Kingdom’s forces already made their way there! He attacks Mimosa by surprise, injuring one member of their team and taking out the group’s healer.

4. Luck Voltia, The Villain:

It feels like the hero/villain roles in this week’s main fight got switched, somehow. The villain from the Diamond Kingdom is an older man working for a nation with rapidly dwindling supplies that’s trying to feed and care for his daughters. He spends most of the episode trying not to fight for real so he doesn’t injure his opponent, because he finds fighting children distasteful. Meanwhile….

Luck Voltia is a boy that’s absolutely obsessed with fighting. He easily beats up every one of Lotus’ comrades with ease in order to get into a one on one with a guy who’s caused him zero harm. To do this he abandoned his own friends in the Black Bulls, who would have been killed if not for the very timely intervention of Golden Dawn.

So between the man trying to feed his kids and the maniac that just wants to punch anyone that looks kinda strong in the face, I’m supposed to be on the side of the fight-crazed teenager? Well, that’s one way of inserting some moral ambiguity into things. This really is a test of the old and wise versus the young and strong too, as Lotus outsmarts Luck at first by filling the room with a magic that lowers his stamina and strength. It almost ends in a complete loss for Luck, until a voice within him pushes him to keep fighting and causes him to tap into a new level of power, just in time for the credits to roll…

5. Next Episode: The battle between Lotus and Luck heats up!  But can Luck defeat him without help from his friends?

We’re getting a quicker adaptation now, but I’m not ready to claim things are fixed just yet. The pacing’s certainly much better though, and I’m pretty excited for people to see where the story goes from here. Lotus isn’t the only bad guy lurking around, and it’s about time for both Yuno and Asta to see some real challenges.

Black Clover is available on Funimation and Hulu.

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