Confirmed: Multiplayer Stardew Valley Is Almost Here

by Christine Marie Attardo

Perhaps you’ve heard of the game Stardew Valleywhich originated on Steam for PC. Since then, the game has branched out to multiple game consoles including Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. The game is a farming-simulation role-playing video game that is 110% addicting. While the game originally came out in February 2016, fans have been yearning for a multiplayer mode that would allow multiple people to play the game at the same time together.
The answer is finally on the way. While we knew that the multiplayer mode was supposed to become available during the first quarter of this year, the release date might be coming sooner.
A few days ago, game creator who goes by @ConcernedApe on Twitter shared:

Just to see multiple characters on a farm is super exciting! I personally have binged this game for hours and hours, and to be able to play co-op with my friends will be fantastic. Just in case that wasn’t enough, he tweeted where is focus currently stands:

I’m unaware of all of the new content, but I do know that you will be able to marry your friends in-game. If anyone has tried to marry one of the Stardew Valley villagers to advance in that area of the game, you know how difficult it is. I’ll be curious to see how you level up in friendship with multiplayer mode and how it all plays out.
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Stardew Valley news!

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