Steven Spielgberg and Ernest Cline Preview Ready Player One In New Featurette

by Erik Amaya

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new Ready Player One featurette in which author and screenwriter Ernest Cline suggests the novel — which centers on a young man in 2045 who participates in a major virtual scavenger hunt centered on 1980s pop culture — suggests the book might not have been written if not for the movies of Steven Spielberg. And because such things can become self-fulfilling prophecies, Spielberg is directing the feature film adaptation of Ready Player One, a novel the director credits with envisioning a future which could come to pass in the next thirty years.

But one thing I noticed as the two talked was Spielberg mentioning the need to strengthen the narrative for film. A criticism of the book, whether you enjoyed it or not, is that it can be a little light on that front as its 1980s references take control at times. Reportedly, some of the more direct references to Spielberg’s work will not be in the film as he found it too strange to recreate his own film imagery. Not that there isn’t plenty of material — from Freddy to the Iron Giant — to film the screen when Ready Player One comes to theaters on March 30th.

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