Black Lightning Executive Producer Salim Akil Takes An Inside Look At Tonight’s Episode

by Erik Amaya

The first episode of Black Lightning closed with Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) once again becoming the title hero and putting on a new version of his super suit. But putting on the costume to save his kids was the easy part, as executive producer Salim Akil discusses in an inside look at tonight’s episode. The community of Freeland is still reeling from Black Lightning’s return, and one of Jefferson’s former students wonders why Black Lightning only saved his daughters and not hers from the nightmare of the 100s prostitution ring.

As Akil noted, the consequences to having power is definitely worth highlight, especially as Jefferson chose to bury his power in the belief that he could save more people as an educator. But it seems in the decade since taking on that role, the situation in Freeland continues to deteriorate outside the walls of his school. It remains to be seen how attempting to be both a high school principal and Black Lightning will help or hinder Jefferson’s cause.
Black Lightning airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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