Abnett And Culbard’s Wild’s End Returns To Boom! Studios for ‘Journey’s End’

by Hannah Means Shannon

I know many fans who’s minds will be blown by the news that the animal drama Wild’s End is returning to Boom! Studios for a final volume as an OGN.
We always hoped that the “anthropomorphic, sci-fi” series would form a complete trilogy of tales, and now we’ll get our wish as of June 2018. Writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Aquaman Rebirth) and artist I.N.J. Culbard (Doctor Who), will bring us Wild’s End: Journey’s End and the conclusion of this war-time tale.

Boom! Studios describes the OGN thus:
Despite the military’s best efforts, the alien invaders have seized a firm grip on the world. Cities have been invaded and the countryside overrun, leaving little hope for humanity’s resistance. With few options left, the survivors will need to look to the very people they once feared to make a last ditch effort to turn the tide of the war.
Abnett explains:

Both Ian and I have loved working on Wild’s End – it’s a particularly favourite project for both of us – and we’ve been delighted by the immensely positive response from readers and critics to the first two volumes. When BOOM! Studios asked for a third volume, and offered us to do it in the ‘long form’ of a graphic novel, we jumped at the chance, and we’ve been working on it with huge pleasure for the past little while. It’s not necessarily the end of Wild’s End, but this book represents a dramatic closure to the story arc and forms the dynamic third part of the trilogy.

Culbard comments:

It’s really exciting for Dan and I to have had this opportunity to bring this particular arc to a close. It’s been a lot of fun returning to Wild’s End and continuing the stories of Susan, Clive, Peter and Alph, and we hope readers will enjoy the book as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it all together.

Cam Chittock, Editor at Boom! Studios, describes the final volume as “a love letter to timeless science fiction and a testament to the power of the human spirit when faced with dark times.”
Wild’s End: Journey’s End will be available for sale in June 2018 at local comic book shops , bookstores or at the Boom! Studios webstore.

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