Chris Claremont’s X-Men Trailer Recalls The Wild Days Of An Amazing Comic Book Run

by Erik Amaya

The X-Men of the 1970s and early 1980s changed everything for comics readers and Marvel Comics. The team’s early run disintegrated into reprints and, eventually, cancellation as the title was deemed a failure. Then came writer Chris Claremont, who — along with artists like Dave Cockrum and John Byrne — revitalized the concept with an ever expanding team of new characters and an epic, on-going storyline. Eventually, the title was Marvel’s must-read comic; leading to spin-offs, animated series and a line of feature films.
Those wild days are the topic of Chris Claremont‘s X-Men, a Sequart documentary featuring Claremont and many of his contemporaries — like former publisher Jim Shooter, Louise Simonson, Len Wein and Ann Nocenti — as they recount the X-Men’s climb to comic book dominance under Claremont’s stewardship. And, as this trailer released by XLratormedia indicates, it will also be filled with cosplayers inspired by Claremont’s long years with the series.

Unfortunately, it is unclear when the documentary will be available. But Sequart docs are worth waiting for and seeking out.
(h/t: CBM)

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