The Cayden James Situation Threatens To Explode In A Preview Of Next Week’s Arrow

by Erik Amaya

Cayden James’s (Michael Emerson) assault on Star City continues, even if we finally know it is all based on bad intel. Or does that even matter? While he maintains that all of this is about revenge — including his $10 million a day ransom — it is just too similar to Prometheus’s motivation last year. But the two hero teams are just too distracted to see it. Felicity got lost trying to prove the bad intel; even after realizing she made James’s hijacking of the city’s infrastructure possible.
And while we’re asking questions about James, why isn’t A.R.G.U.S. interested in apprehending him?
But all of these questions may be moot as this preview of next week’s episode indicates that James is finally ready to use his bomb against the city. It could be another ruse as he sets up another domino in his far-reaching plan.

But, for a moment, let’s consider that the intel pinning his son’s murder on Ollie (Stephen Amell) is his whole motivation. Who sent him the information? Was it Prometheus’s last stab at vengeance, Talia (Lexa Doig) trying to make good on her threats or someone we haven’t even begun to suspect yet? Someone had to kill his son with an arrow while Ollie was out of town. Which kind of make’s Talia the prime suspect. Maybe that’s why Nyssa (Katrina Law) is coming to town in an upcoming episode. Then again, arrows were Roy Harper’s (Colton Haynes) thing, too. Hmm…
Arrow airs Thursdays on The CW.

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