How To Prepare For The Big Death In This Is Us On Superbowl Sunday

by Christine Marie Attardo

It’s no spoiler that fans of This is Us have been waiting for what’s coming this Sunday night for two years now. If by some chance you’ve never watched the show, don’t scroll any further. If you’re one of the people who curls up with their tissue box every Tuesday night, join me.

Just look at that face and soak it in folks, because it’s about to get intense. After a season and a half of one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched in my life, it’s time for heart-warming father and husband, Jack Pearson to die. While we’ve known about Jack’s death for quite some time, we never knew how it was going to happen.
That is, until the premiere of the second season where we got a really big clue that the Pearson’s house burning down plays a part. At the end of last week’s episode, we saw the start of that fire after dutiful dad, Jack, walked around the house cleaning and admiring the house he worked so hard to make a home.
The flaw of a crock-pot switch is what sparked the flame, and the episode ended with the fire making its way all the way up the stairs.

While Jack has since stopped drinking and kicked his addiction, that was pretty much what my facial expression looked like. Then there was the preview for next week’s episode that left me speechless…

See what I mean? Let’s all just take a deep breath. While we know this death has been coming for quite some time, the good news is, it isn’t the end for Jack’s appearances in the show.
This was confirmed by actor Milo Ventimiglia who plays the beloved father:

I’m not going away from the show, Jack is still around. There is still so much story to mine in this world of This Is Us…I think at that point then you gotta start wondering if anyone else is going to die. I’m going, ‘Whoo! All right! I’m off the hook!

Well thank god for that! Maybe we will get more heart-warming scenes like this too…

Everything will be answered on Sunday night, January 28th, after the Super Bowl on NBC. Get ready folks. It’s going to be a tough one.

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