The Best Movies Playing On The SyFy Channel Right Now

by Tito W. James

The SyFy Channel has reputation for B-movies like Sharknado. However, more recently the channel has been airing some good quality movies. Here are my top picks in no particular order.

Cabin In The Woods

I already talked about Cabin In The Woods in my list of recommended movies for Halloween. The plot centers around an evil organization that sacrifices teenagers to various horror movie monsters to appease the elder gods.


Skyfall sheds the camp but keeps the fun to deliver the best Bond movie in recent memory. It’s an origin story and a final chapter all at once: opening with a haunting musical score and introducing an aging James Bond forced to fight in a world that may no longer need a gentleman-spy. Javier Bardem also gives an unforgettable performance as the Bond villain.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Journey into the wild, apocalyptic world that cleaned house at the Oscars. Probably one of the most influential and talked about films in a long time. I’m surprised that the SyFy Channel obtained the rights to air something this well-regarded.

Seventh Son

While the Seventh Son is filled with fantasy camp and clichés, it’s still a remarkably enjoyable film due to Jeff Bridges’ performance as the witch-hunting Spook. Bridges’ character is like King Arthur combined with Merlin, and it’s brilliant.

Dark Skies

It’s Paranormal Activity but with aliens. The beauty of minimalist horror is that it’s all too possible. If aliens really are trying to get you there’s not much you can do but wait as they slowly drive you insane.


Enter a world of people with different psychic abilities who battle against each other for supremacy. The movie plays like an Anime with a washed-up male protagonist teaming up with an alcoholic teenage girl and an over-powered woman. The movie starts as fun action flick that evolves into a complex and interesting mind game. Also see Chris Evans before he became Captain America.


Immortals does take some creative liberties with Greek Mythology–sure to annoy mythology buffs (myself included)–but damn, it’s one of the most visually striking films I’ve ever seen. If you want to see Superman playing Theseus in the style of 300, then check out Immortals.

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