Metropolis To Join Gotham And Krypton As DC Prequel Television Series

by Erik Amaya


Suddenly, it feels like everyone discovered John Byrne’s 1988 Man of Steel-related miniseries.
Deadline reports that DC’s digital platform will be home to Metropolis, a Superman prequel series in the vein of Krypton or Gotham; detailing the world of a key DC Comics locale before the arrival of its very own superhero. Gotham executive producers John Stephens and Danny Cannon will produce the show for Warner Bros. Television and the as-yet-unnamed DC-branded streaming service. Cannon will also direct the pilot though the show already has a 13-episode commitment.
The series will take viewers to the “wondrous and awe-inspiring” City of Tomorrow where investigative reporter Lois Lane and her pal Lex Luthor investigate the strange goings-on around town and its penchant for unhinged science.
It is unclear if the series will be tied to Syfy’s upcoming prequel series Krypton or the DC streaming platform’s other live action show, Titans, but it is clear the service will aggressively offer new and somewhat unlikely content.
Though, to be fair, a Metropolis-focused series occurred in comics before with 1988’s World of Metropolis miniseries by John Byrne, Win Mortimer, Dick Giordano and Sal Trapani,. The four-issue series detailed some of the background of the Post-Crisis Metropolis, including the long feud between Daily Planet editor Perry White and industrialist Lex Luthor. Considering that Lex will start out on the side of the angels in the new series, it is doubtful any Luthor history from that miniseries, Smallville or Supergirl will come into play. Though, I’d be the first to say we should see Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) surface on the program.
Metropolis is expected to go into production later this year for a 2019 debut.

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