5 Point Discussions – Dragon Ball Super 125

by Sage Ashford

Frieza and Android 17 go up against the mighty Toppo. Could the 2-on-1 advantage prove to be too much for Universe 11?  Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. In the latest installment of “Jiren is totally better than everyone here”, episode 125 shows us the effect of Goku and Vegeta finally working together for the first time since the Goku Black story arc. Goku places Jiren into a hold and allows Vegeta to go for a Final Flash attack…that Jiren blocks using nothing more than his aura alone. The Final Flash has never been a particularly useful technique, but Jiren’s disrespected it *twice* now–it used to at least leave people’s bodies totally wrecked. (Y’know, before they regenerated.) The only trick I can imagine here is if Jiren has basically been fighting at one hundred percent the entire time, but nothing about how they’re telling the story indicates that–instead it feels like he hasn’t even gone beyond tapping into the surface.

2. This is by far the smartest usage of a beam struggle I’ve ever seen. After showing some of Vegeta and Goku’s battle, we switch to Android 17 who’s been fighting Toppo alone since Gohan went to fight Dyspo. He’s taking advantage of his infinite energy by showering Toppo with barrages of energy, and essentially trying to either perform a ring out through sheer pressure, or run the clock as this episode is the sixth minute of the tournament. Eventually, Toppo figures out a way to avoid that, and he and 17 wind up in a beam battle that 17 nearly loses…until Freiza arrives in time to apply pressure.
Typically, beam struggles like this happen in a more honest fashion: everyone teams up together and attacks from the front. It’s respectable, but what finally killed Cell off once and for all was when Vegeta tossed that last energy blast at Cell’s back to distract him while Gohan was still firing the Kamehameha. Since then I’ve always wondered why you wouldn’t attack someone’s defenseless side for these, and Freiza provides that for me. It successfully overwhelms Toppo, who finds himself at his limit between both Number 17 and Golden Frieza’s powers.

3. This scene is actually heartbreaking. If you’ve been following the show from the beginning, you know that Universe 11 has one very distinct characteristic. Their entire team, the Pride Troopers, are essentially intergalactic Power Rangers. They work both apart and together in order to protect the planets in their universe from harm, whether it’s saving pets or defeating monsters. It’s been flanderized into a gag where they all just repeated “Justice!” over and over, but this is the one universe where the people who’ve been recruited aren’t merely decent people, but genuinely heroic. They’ve fought honorably (if slightly cocky) the majority of the tournament, and seem truly devoted to their beliefs.
And from the very beginning, we’ve been told Toppo was a candidate for becoming a God of Destruction. And we didn’t know what that meant, since he looked roughly the same as everyone else in the tournament–it was simply assumed he was strong enough to fight Goku so that had to be it. But as he gets close to being eliminated, Toppo is finally pushed to the point that he has to accept that he can’t be who he wants to and save his realm. That he has to give up on justice, on everything he’s worked towards his entire life and become a God of Destruction. That’s why he pronounces justice as meaningless before he transforms…he’s left with no other choice. He needs the power of destruction to save Universe 11, but in taking that role on, he’s doubtlessly doomed countless planets in his universe nonetheless.

4. Still on the bright side, this was all kinds of satisfying. Frieza’s been kind of useless for awhile, and now that he’s decided to step up its too late. He tries to battle against Toppo, matching energy for energy…but as it turns out the energy from Gods of Destruction is exponentially more effective than any ki blast we’ve ever seen. The last thing Frieza sees after having his planet destroying bomb fail is Toppo appearing in front of him and delivering some of the most painful looking offense we’ve seen in quite some time. It’s only 17 that saves Frieza from being eliminated, but…I’m not sure how that helps him out in the next episode.

5. Next Episode: Out of options, Frieza and Android 17 try their best to defeat Toppo, but come up short!  But before all is lost, Vegeta enters the fray!  But can even a Super Saiyan defeat a God of Destruction?
My head’s going in so many different places with this. Goku and Vegeta aren’t strong enough to defeat a god of destruction, and Jiren is something even past that.  Vegeta looks like he may not even survive his battle against Toppo–if he’s lucky he’ll stalemate like Gohan and wind up leaving Goku facing off against Jiren alone. I really want Universe 7 to lose–not because I hate Super, just because that’s how ridiculously powerful they’ve set Jiren and Toppo up to be. The usual tricks Goku and Vegeta rely on, like going somewhere to train or reaching new forms have either failed or simply aren’t viable, so nothing short of an epic deus ex machina is going to end this.
At any rate, there’s five minutes left and six members remaining. Will Vegeta somehow manage to get eliminated before Frieza and Android 17?
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