Roll Up For True Believers Comic Con This Saturday In Cheltenham UK

by Olly MacNamee

For the past few years this show is the first of many in the Midlands area of the UK and the start of the con season for me as I try to inform all our readers that comic book culture does exist beyond the confines of London. And the True Believers Comic Festival situated at the impressive Cheltenham Race Course site is a good example of a con that has grown over the few years it’s been running, with a list of impressive creators there to meet and chat with once again this year. Guest such as Mike Collins (Doctor Who), Staz Johnson (Rogue Trooper), Emma Vicelli (Doctor Who) and Guillermo Ortega (Astonishing X-Men) will be there all day (10.15am – 5.30pm) as well as many others.
Just have a look below.

Tickets are still available, but if you do have yours already, I’ll see you in there.

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