All The Treasury Of British Comics Volumes From 2000AD In 2018

by Hannah Means Shannon

As you may well have heard, 2000AD is releasing several volumes this year in this line of the Treasury of British Comics.
That’s going to include a definitive collection of Charley’s War to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War. This classic work contains writing from Pat Mills (Nemesis the WarlockMarshal Law) and artwork from Joe Colquhoun. The first of three omnibus volumes will be released in April, with the next volumes due for release in May and June.

Also coming down the line is never before reprinted girls’ comic Jinty, featuring stories like The Land of No Tears and The Human Zoo.

We can also look forward to Bella at the Bar, and the third volume of supernatural horror comic for girls, Misty. Two horror classics from the 80’s will include Thirteenth Floor and Black Max. American Civil War-set El Mestizo and the inventive Creepy Creations will round things off.

Here’s the full 2018 Treasury of British Comics graphic novel schedule from 2000AD [*Note: The British date system here reflects day/month/year.]
22/02/2018 9781781086179 The Beatles Story (hardcover, £12.99/$17.99)
18/04/2018 9781781086193 Charley’s War Vol. 1: Boy Soldier (paperback, £19.99/$25)
17/05/2018 9781781086209 Charley’s War Vol. 2: Brothers In Arms (paperback, £19.99/$25)
14/06/2018 9781781086216 Charley’s War Vol. 3: Remembrance (paperback , £19.99/$25)
28/06/2018 9781781086247 Jinty Vol. 1: The Human Zoo & The Land of No Tears (paperback, £10.99)
12/07/2018 9781781086254 Bella At The Bar (paperback, £10.99)
23/08/2018 9781781086261 Von Hoffman’s Invasion Vol. 1 (paperback, £12.99)
20/09/2018 9781781086513 Misty Vol. 3: Wolf Girl & Other Stories (paperback, £13.99)
18/10/2018 9781781086537 The 13th Floor (paperback, £14.99)
04/10/2018 9781781086551 Black Max Vol. 1 (paperback, £10.99)
15/11/2018 9781781086575 El Mestizo (hardcover, £14.99)
29/11/2018 9781781086605 Ken Reid’s Creepy Creations (hardcover, £16.99)

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