Brian Michael Bendis To Write Action Comics After #1000 + 6 Issue Weekly Man Of Steel Mini

by Olly MacNamee

Revealed in Forbes this morning, Brian Micheal Bendis has been announced as the writer of Action Comics starting with his contribution to the milestone #1000 issue and after that, a six issue weekly series called “Man of Steel“. And, while he teased his followers on Twitter with a Batman inspired gif, it was all smoke and mirrors it would seem. Damn you, Bendis!
And what a great team he’ll have working with him on the John Byrne inspired mini-series in which he’s promising the debut of a new, ‘blockbuster villain‘ as well as a status changing finale that will reverberate throughout Action Comics and newly minted Superman #1 (out in July).
Artists including Ryan Sook, Ivan Reis, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Adam Hughes, Kevin Maguire and Jason Fabok. That’s some welcome to DC! Talk about rolling out the red carpet. Or should Kath be rolling out the red cape? Either way, this is a huge story and one worth sharing with you methinks.

Inspiration taken from John Byrne’s seminal Man of Steel mini-series

He told Forbes, in an exclusive interview:

It’s six issues, and I’m writing all of them. They’re telling the giant new story that’s the status quo, what’s going to be going on with Superman and Metropolis and everything around him. Again, it’s following up on the big bombs we drop not only in Action Comics #1000, but following up all of those beats and digging in even deeper.

And, if that wasn’t going to keep him busy enough, he’ll also be overseeing a new custom imprint and have DC re-release has creator owned Jinxworld comic. Oh, and he’ll be contributing to a DC Nation #0 comic too with art by… wait for it… DC legend, José Luis García-López. A story he tells Forbes “will set up a lot of what’s going to be going on in Action Comics, we’ll dig really deep into what’s going on at the Daily Planet, and introduce some new cast members at the Daily Planet and some new villains in Metropolis.
Looks like Bendis will have his work cut out for him for some time, but I suspect that’s exactly how he likes it.
Welcome to DC, Brian, from all of us at! And, I do recommend you read the full article in link provided above.

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