The Fun Continues! Fuller House Is Officially Renewed For A Fourth Season

by Christine Marie Attardo

It may come as no surprise to some, but I started to get nervous waiting for news from Netflix. This week, it came, as creator of Full House and Fuller House, Jeff Franklin confirmed that Fuller House would be back for Season 4. After the past few seasons, an announcement has come almost immediately that there would be more. This time, we had to wait a bit. Perhaps, that’s because of the puzzling nature of the previous nine episodes? Who knows…
Nonetheless, the Tanner/Gibbler family is coming back for 13 new episodes in 2018! I was very happy to hear that we won’t even have to wait until next year for more. Granted, it could premiere at the very end of 2018, which is quite far away.

Jodie, who plays Stephanie, shared some details about what she thinks season 4 will be like in a statement to Entertainment Tonight:

I think it’s gonna be a really fun storyline if Kimmy winds up pregnant and we go through this whole journey together. I think Stephanie and Kimmy’s relationship and their journey as friends has been something really fun to do in this new series, and so I think it’ll bring them closer together.

I think this will probably be the main focus moving forward, as I’m not sure how things will play out with DJ and Steve. At this point, it’s starting to feel like they are stretching the DJ and Steve romance way too far. Let them be a happy family together already!
What do you think Season 4 of Fuller House will bring?

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