DC Nation #0 Cover Revealed And It’s Only 25¢

by Olly MacNamee

You know that DC Nation #0 comic we mentioned during sharing the news that Brian Michael Bendis will be writing Action Comics and penning a story for it, well DC Comics has shared the cover illustrated by Jorge Jimenez (who shared the B+W image below on social media) featuring The Joker, who will discover Bats and Catwoman are engaged, in a story penned by Tom King and art provided by Clay Mann
It’ll be out May 2nd, at 25¢, and just days before Free Comic Book Day 2018 too. Hmm, I feel like they’ve missed a trick there and not simply release it then. Still, with art like this and a price that is unbeatable (well, until FCBD when comics will be free) who can resist?

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