It’s A Black Canary/Black Siren Showdown In A Preview Of Next Week’s Episode

by Erik Amaya

While Arrow proved not to be as explosive as it could have been this week, both teams still took losses. Although, the loss Dinah Lance (Juliana Markavy) felt may be enough to unhinge her utterly. For one thing, she now agrees with Vigilante’s (Johann Urb) ethos: criminals should be put with extreme prejudice. A pronouncement like that generally leads to characters leaving the series, but before Dinah faces that possibility, she’s taking the fight straight to Black Siren (Katie Cassidy). At least, that’s what this preview of next week’s episode indicates:

But such a showdown means Dinah will also have to deal with Quentin (Paul Blackthorne), who is convinced he can coax “his” Laurel out of Black Siren. She did seem to have her doubts this week, even if she still followed the command of Cayden James (Michael Emerson) to commit murder. Things have never been exactly easy for Quentin, but I don’t think a second chance with Earth-2 Laurel is the right sort of victory. It ultimately wouldn’t be true to her character or experience; even if she is fascinated with Quentin.
Also, considering the powers of Laurel’s latest victim, you almost have to wonder if there was a murder for Dinah to avenge at all.
Arrow airs Thursdays on The CW.

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